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  1. vivian says:


    our house is sad that its favorite piece of furniture is missing! 🙂

    the kittens also miss you.

    see you soon MAN 🙂

    Viv and Hindi

    • María says:

      Salam ua leikom Mohammad

      I remember your t-shirt that day in that place.

      Be cold and satisfaied, you are very close to freedom.

      Solidaridad men Galicia

    • anne candlin says:

      Dear Brother,
      This weekend saw the launch of Loss Of Innocence:Gaza Childrens Art Exhibition at Liverpool Cathedral, the 4th biggest cathedral in the world. The paintings were done by schoolchildren in Gaza to illustrate what they had seen and experienced during this years assault on Gaza. They confirm all the horrors spoken of in the Goldstone Report. Our guest- speaker described the paintings as “a toxic cargo of beautiful but unwelcome images which it is necessary to see and acknowledge.” Hundreds of people have seen them are shocked. A groundswell of anger at the injustice to your people is slowly taking place.
      Take heart dear Mohammed from the great love
      around the world for you and your long-suffering people.Viva Palestina.We will overcome this tyrranny as we have overcome other tyrannies.
      Keep going. Anne, UK

    • Doris Bryan says:

      Love and light coming your way. You are making a difference. Love, Doris.(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

  2. Rosamine Hayeem says:

    Dear Mohammad

    We have heard of your unfair arrest and want you to know that we are thinking of you We assure you that we will continue to work actively to highlight the injustices and the deliberate attempts to muzzle those who wish to speak out about them.

    Our thoughts and warm wishes are with you.

    Rosamine Hayeem

  3. Karen Sunde says:

    Mohammad –

    I have sent letters to my country’s embassies in Israel asking that they protest your arrest.
    Many more people than you may know care for and work for your goals.
    I pray you take strength from that knowing as you go forward!

    Warm wishes for you and your family and all who care for peace.


  4. Sue Sprowls says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    You may not remember us but we certainly remember you!

    In late May, 2006, you hosted our Bishop, John Schreiber, and a dozen of us church leaders from the Southeast Michigan Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. You shared your family’s pride in its olive trees, the frustrations that you and your fellow villagers face due to the illegal separation barrier and your family opened its hope to us for a memorable lunch on that beautiful, sunny day. We have nothing but warm and affectionate memories of you and your family.

    We in Michigan are writing not only to the Israeli and US Embassies but also to our legislators, seeking your immediate release. We will continue to monitor the situation and to keep you and your family in our prayers until you are safely home.

    Wishing you every good blessing,

    Pastor Sue Sprowls
    and your friends in Southeast Michigan

    • Dear Sue:
      thank you for your comforting and supporting words. I hope more communities, faiths, and caring people like you can join for the same cause to Free Palestine and easy the misery of the Palestinian people. Aameen.
      Jazaki Allah Khair ( May God reward you the best for your efforts.)

  5. Seamus Cashman says:

    A poem written following a visit to your village some years back. The image of all those gnarled trunks of ancient olive trees cut down to make way for the Wall is still vivid in my mind, and tells its tale.

    I Room-mates in Jayyous

    We are deep-rooted and wise; flowers and birds are our songs;
    we share the surprise of stone and water.

    Our loving is brief; like the midday heat our hatred is long;
    generosity dries like a stolen well.

    In sunshine our shadows toll our fields to harvest.
    So bitter for holy places, we lust for hilltop, valley, river, dream.

    Is it because we tell our story
    that we share this floor of shattered glass?

    Is the melody all peeled from our song?
    Is the wall too high?

    Who tears apart our hearts? Who will not hear?
    Who tears our eyes apart? Who will not see?

    Who cuts the trunk so branches wither dry?
    Who drinks the water, hides the sky.

    As each day dies we wait in darkness for a dawn.
    And then we bury our dead.

    (From Seamus Cashman: That morning will come, 2007)

  6. Lara says:

    Miss you habibi. Waiting to drink a glass of Arak with you xxxx

  7. Bert V says:

    Hi Muhammad
    Know that you have support from Belgium too! We are concerned about the whole situation and we hope everything turns out well. Justice has still allong way to go.
    Please don’t loose hope!

  8. regina cummings says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    Me and a lot of my friends want to tell you that we are with you in these days of trial. If one of us is imprisoned unfairly, we are all imprisoned unfairly.
    Hang in there, help is on the way. A lot of people are in on what is happening to you. We pray and take action so that you are freed.
    Best to you.

  9. David Marchesi says:

    “we only see well with the heart” said Saint-Exupery’s Little Prince. Let’s hope ,one day soon, enough Israelis will see with their hearts so that a real difference can emerge between peoples.It is, of course, always unreasonable to hope- but it is at the base of much resistance, now as ever.Safe return to your family and friends.( I recall a slightly uneasy reception by the young Israeli girl soldier/guard at Allenby when I passed through on my way to Palestine in 2007)

  10. Sean L. Tobin says:

    Good Afternoon from Canada

    I have long held the belief that the Israeli Government policy of settlements on the Occupied Lands is wrong. I firmly believe that until every Palestinian child can go to bed on their own land and every Jewish child can go to bed without the fear of rockets raining down on their heads, there will be no peace in the Middle East. I believe that both Governments need to make the required concessions if there is ever going to be peace.

    I also believe that it is the right of every individual to express his or her opinion for or against a Government policy without fear of recrimination. Accordingly I have added my voice and written the Israeli Ambassador to Canada on your behalf.

    Sean L. Tobin
    Moncton, NB, Canada

  11. David Murray says:

    Dear Mohammad

    It is the courage and integrity of people such as yourself that the hope of breaking through prejudice, fear and lies rests.

    Please understand that many people are writing on your behalf.

  12. Leonor Esguerra says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I am a 79 years old Colombian who through Jewish Voice for Peace regular e-mails have learnt about your situation.

    I want you to know that I and my mail list of English speaking friends follow all the news and this one about you in particular has touched us deeply.

    We send you all our possitive energy to keep up your spirit and your brave will for justice.

    Here we say that “justice is lame but somehow manages to arrive sooner or later”

    Keep up your heart

  13. Paul says:

    Hi Mohammad

    We have never met but non-violent struggle seems to me the only effective way to fight injustice. Your fight is thus admirable in every possible sense. Let’s hope you will be outside soon. Let’s hope eventually there will be better times for your village. Wishing you all the best, Paul (the Netherlands)

  14. Byron says:

    You do have to wonder just how insecure the occupiers can get. Let’s hope they see the error of their ways and that you are released soon.

    Byron Simmonds
    Norfolk Jewish Peace Group

  15. William Antoun says:

    Asalam Alaikum wa Ramatullah wa Barakatuh,

    May Allah reward you for your struggle against the oppressors. I will make dua for you. I take courage from your actions. There is more support for the cause here in Detroit than many think. We are all behind you brother. Stay strong in iman.

    IbnFares Salame

  16. Di Gammage says:

    May your courage and conviction shine through the fear and prejudice and ultimately bring warmth to melt frozen hearts.
    With Metta, Di

  17. Raphael Baldos says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I wrote tonight to the Israeli ambassador in France, asking him to take prompt action for your liberation. I hope sincerely that you will recover freedom very soon, and that you will be able to continue to fight against injustice and violations of the State of Israel.
    I can tell you that here, in France, a massive amount of people are willing to help the people of Palestina and suffer in their heart for all you have to endure.
    As we are celebrating the fall of the Berlin wall this year, it is time, 20 years later, for the new Wall of Shame of Israel to collapse.
    Toutes mes pensées vont pour toi et ton peuple. Best wishes et vive la liberté,

    Raphaël Baldos

  18. Andrea Miotto says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    Thank you for your courage, integrity and strength in reaching out and taking nonviolent action for justice for the people of Palestine. Ultimately, your work is truly toward peace and justice for all people in the world; for where one is unfree, none are free. For this I thank you and find you an inspiration. I hope it is okay with you that I pray for you and for your loved ones who no doubt miss you, and for peace and justice in all the Middle East.
    I am committed to doing my part as much as possible to bring about this goal.
    Peace to you,
    Andrea Miotto
    United States

  19. Håkan Larsson says:

    I am a Swedish-born Muslim who tries to use my education and status as a Ph.D. in culture history to do a little something for the innumerable people who are detained or deprived of their rights as citizens for speaking out against oppression and governments which defend themselves against their own people. I am truly sorry that you have been forced to join the number of people wrongfully detained because they, irrespective of nationality, race or creed, have been relentless in striving to obey the intention of God: peace and goodwill throughout all of Creation.

    Håkan Larsson

    • Rajkovic says:

      Trevlig att träffa svenskar! I do not know what to tell except violence and force always yield bad fruits. Telling with respect what you want almost always reach the result. I do hope you do not beat Mohammed for it will crash his dreams which he has as young person. One should let know those from Amnesty International. I belive, some jointe note of all embassies to stop persecution and Pogrom of Palestinians should be delivered to Israeli Gov.

  20. Padraic Murray says:

    Dear Mohammed,
    Warm Greetings from Ireland and from your friends in Amnesty International. We will not forget you and we will continue to work for your release. You have the love and support of all in Ireland where we value freedom above everything else.
    Padraic Murray

  21. Eli Kerin says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I agree that the Israeli Government policy of settlements on the Occupied Lands is wrong and the Zionist belief that Jewish people own the land, based on scripture, is an outdated belief which fails to recognise we are all one in our humanity. I firmly believe that until every Palestinian child can go to bed on their own land and every Jewish child can go to bed without the fear of rockets raining down on their heads, there will be no peace in the Middle East. I believe that both Governments need to make the required concessions if there is ever going to be peace.

    I also believe that it is the right of every individual to express his or her opinion for or against a Government policy without fear of recrimination. Accordingly I am writing to the New Zealand Consulate in Tel Aviv, Israel, on your behalf.
    Yours in peace
    Eli Joseph Kerin
    Dunedin New Zealand
    PS. Thanks to Sean L. Tobin of Canada for the use of some of his words of support.

  22. Margrete says:

    I told you arresting you would mean big trouble for the Israelis. Demo today was moving.

    I just hope that you stop smoking in there and take up a healthier activity…:) Take it easy in there. Soon enough you will have to come out and continue working like a dog..:)

    Hugs, M

  23. mk says:

    salam mohammed. may Allah be with you every step of your journey. stay strong, and we are praying for you?! we all look high at you, given your activities and accomplishments to this day.

    your brother,

  24. Tord Steiro says:

    We will never forget you, and we will keep fighting for justice until you are released. Indiscriminate arrests can neve be accepted, but it raises ever more concerns when it happens to a friend. I look forward to see you in a free Palestine!

    Best Regards

    Tord Steiro

  25. Rida Mel says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    It is easy for me to say that but I want you to know that when you feel alone, please keep in mind that you are not alone actually and we are all thinking of you.
    I really think that god choose you because he knows how strong you are to hold this test.

    Free Mohammad, free palestine!!

    Good luck brother
    Rida Mel

  26. Sigurd says:

    Mohammad. I hope they let you out soon. we in SU and SV in norway is with you and the whole STW campaign! We will do our part in Norway. I will do what I can. FREE PALESTINE!

    Best wishes.

    Sigurd ( the boy with the old bike that you once borrowed )

  27. Attef Al-Akhras says:

    la hawla wala kowata ila bi Lah
    Palestine will never give as long as it has brave sons like you
    Allah Akbar ya yahood
    Allah Akbar ya 3alam

  28. david says:

    non violent action is the only way things will ever change….. when einstein wrote to freud he said come up with the psychodynamics of war, herein lies the answer to world peace….. freud was dying of cancer
    and did not reply………. i believe that you are answering for him in your actions, the next generation of children have their angels in front,
    in england………… good to communicate one day.
    will keep writing. d.

  29. Trude says:

    As someone who lost her heart to Palestine I support everyone who makes her or himself active for Palestinian rights. This is why I want to show you my support in these unfair times.

    Hang in there Mohammed!
    Try to take it easy and forever keep it real!

    With love,

    Trude den Burger

  30. Deborah Brauner says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I dont know you personally but got the information about your being arrested from facebook friends yesterday. We do believe in non violent efforts for a just peace and it shocked us deeply to hear that you got arrested; may god bless you and protect you!
    We are all with you and send you strength.
    Deborah Brauner

  31. Ahmad Mesleh says:

    Hey ya man
    ya Narwyi you kept saying for me am from Norway till they arrested you it is ok, man you will back to jamal and to drink your coffee soon in your desk and i will come to you and you will tell me what a new movies, and you told me Ahmad can you make some massage for me, funny man really we missed you and we are upset to what happened to you but don’t worry you will be in our Friday demo as usual , and we will let them see what the mean to put 11,000 Palestinian there , my brothers we will be free soon from the occupation, all the world knows now who is the owner of this land and have the right to be. thanks for all the people who support our friend Mohammad and i hope to see you soon.

    Best Regard
    Ahmad Ni’lin Youth Center

  32. Francesca says:

    Hello Mohammed,
    I met you in 2003. I am glad you are still working for peace and look forward to your release which I am sure will be soon. People all over the world are thinking about you and calling and writing letters on your behalf.
    Sincere regards,
    San Francisco, USA

  33. George Said says:

    I have heard your story. I am in Australia and I am saddened by what is happening to you and to others.

    It is very distressing that the victims of the holocaust allow their government to resort to such cruel inhumane tactics.

  34. Angela says:

    Asalaam alaikum Mohammed

    Like all these people I hope for your release, but I know (and I suspect you do too) that your arrest has meant many more people will hear about the unjust and heartbreaking situation in your country – even to the point that your story made it to little New Zealand on the other side of the world!

    Take courage and comfort in knowing that your peaceful actions will show up who the unjust are, and that your suffering brings hope to your people.


    Auckland, NZ

  35. castro says:

    freeeeeeeeedom to u… we will fight untill the end..and to take our freedam . im from palestine,

  36. I am heart broken you have been arrested. My little brother Tad, in California, United States of America reminds me of you. He just rode his bicycle hundreds of miles, with his girl friend, to our family home, from Santa Cruz to Newport Beach, Califordnia. Then he proposed to her. He got down on one knee, said you are my best friend and I love you. Will you marry me? She said yes. This is the kind of thing you should be doing, not sitting in jail for standing up for what is right and humane.

    My yoga teacher is realized and teaches about love. If we focus on what is real, spirit, and not on what is unreal, the fetters – anger, fear, pride, prejudice, grief and greed, we will experience love. Almost no one in this world experiences love. Close your eyes, meditate by having faith something can happen. Let your mind become one-pointed by focusing on what is real. I can feel the love. You can not make yourself go into a bhava, a mood of love. All you can do is waive the fetters and gently focus your mind on spirit. As a result of your efforts, you will go into a mood of love, a Bhava. That takes you into Bhakti – a love relationship with spirit, then you experience Kumbhacka, a stillness where you do not experience anything except spirit, a deep hush, and that leads you to samadhi, oneness with spirit. Samadhi changes you and your situations for the better. One who is realized, realizes samadhis and is aware of spirit at every moment. How would spirit want the Israel’s and the Palestinian’s to treat each other? Spirit would want the Irsrael’s and the Palestinians to love. To treat each other as they would want to be treated. To love……… like you.

  37. Lolita Gunning says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    As Boaz Okun, the prominent judge and legal authority in Israel says,
    “Those people that break the law in order to save others and to defend human rights are the ones that get written on golden pages.”

    I hope the justice system realizes that and releases you very soon.

    Wishing you all the best, along with many of my fellow Australians.

  38. Ms. Stacey A. Ward, Esq. says:

    Dear Mohammad:

    I admire and respect how you are working for human rights, and I want you to know that many of us around the world join you in your struggle. I am pasting below a copy of the letter I sent to the Israeli Consulate in the American Southwest, asking for your release. I hope soon you are home with your family. In the meantime, Shalom, and Salaam-Alaikum….

    The Consulate of Israel to the Southwest
    24 Greenway Plaza, Suite 1500
    Houston, Texas 77046

    Dear Madame Belaynesh Zevadia,

    I am writing to you as an American Jew and as a lawyer to express my deepest concern about the detainment of Mohammad Othman two days ago, September 22, at the border between Jordan and the West Bank. He was returning home after a visit in Norway.

    I fear that the detainment of Mohammad Othman is a result of his peaceful criticism of violations of international law by Israeli authorities. The charges against him have not been made clear, but there is reason to believe that he is a prisoner of conscience, arrested solely for his human rights work through legal organizations. I therefore urge for the immediate and unconditional release of Mohammad Othman.

    Please understand that for most of my life I would never under any circumstances criticize the State of Israel outside my own family, believing as I did (and still do) in her absolute right to exist and to protect herself from any and all aggressors. My father was a Russian Jew whose own father, my grandpa Nathan, had the foresight to flee Kiev during Czarist rule, before the barbarisms of either the Nazis or the Soviets, and eventually was able to send money to help his wife, mother, and two young children (my Aunt Rhoda and my Dad in his boyhood) finish their journey from Europe to the U.S. My Dad and the little brothers who were born in the US knew what it was to fight also — all of them fought for the United States in WWII, my Dad earning a Bronze Star in the Army Combat Corps of Engineers and losing the tops of all four fingers on his left hand. My mother, by the way, was a Norwegian farmgirl from Minnesota, who converted when she married my Dad, and to this day (fourteen years after his death from cancer) continues to be a more aware Jew than he in terms of the history and significance of the holy days, and so forth. 🙂 I note these things as background only so you will hopefully understand that I love Israel very nearly as much as the United States, and would be truly bereft if anything happened to her. As a teen, I often thought of moving to Israel, and it is still not entirely an idea that I’ve abandoned, although I’m not religiously observant or well versed in Hebrew.

    My decision to no longer remain silent outside my own family circle about any doubts or criticisms I had of Israeli policy regarding the Palestinians and the like rests principally at the feet of former President George W. Bush. Why? Bear with me. I was so appalled by what happened in my own country over the last eight (8) years prior to President Obama’s election last fall, that I cannot tolerate from another country any semblance of what I repeatedly and loudly criticized in my own. I never shrank away from being a vocal critic of the Bush Administration, from condemning the dishonor it brought upon this country in torturing our enemies, in holding accused but unproven “terrorists” for extended periods of time without charges or trials, in reclassifying American citizens as so-called “enemy combatants” and claiming such actions were beyond the review of any of our courts as a matter of executive fiat. The list goes on and on. The behavior of my government, of my government’s top officials for eight long years, and a startling percentage of the populace who were willing to obediently follow and defend that Administration horrified me, and still disheartens and unnerves me in terms of how close this country came to true tyranny. Given that context, Madame Consul, knowing that I was raised to think it unpatriotic to surrender my country to the excesses of its government or any one administration that sadly rose to power, I cannot be less exacting in my treatment and expectations of Israel. Thus, I will no longer voice my criticisms of Israel privately or couch them quite as softly as I might have once.

    Israel has suffered terribly from terrorism perpetrated within her own borders. But Israel makes no friends in the international community with human rights abuses, war crimes such as those perpetrated in Gaza, or heavy-handed tactics such as those now employed against a man like Mohammad Othman. After all, I would think Israel would recognize the substantial improvement in dealing with someone such as Mohammad Othman, who strikes at it if you will with words and ideas, as opposed to bombs, missiles and IEDs. Thus far, the Palestinians have not latched onto Gandhi’s concept of nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience, but some of the young and educated are starting to learn. Heaven help Israel when they do… More and more Mohammad Othmans will be a nightmare for Israel; they cannot all be detained and silenced. Especially as I think more and more Jews worldwide are already starting to share the opinion I’ve come to have, that the Palestinians deserve better and more humane treatment in Israel, most especially those who are fighting for their rights with words and thoughts alone, and that Israel’s only prayer to survive and flourish in the long-term is a negotiated two-state solution.

    Mohammad Othman should be released. In the meantime, I ask that Mohammad Othman is protected from any form of torture or ill-treatment, and that his rights as a detainee are fully respected for as long as he remains in custody.

    Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter.


    Ms. Stacey A. Ward, Esq.
    [original family name was Woiwode]

    Los Lunas, New Mexico 87031-7949

  39. Ira Gerard says:

    “Hasta la victoria …. siempre” Che Guevara

    All the luck to you. Freedom shall be granted since truth is on your side! Thank the skies above for citizens like yourself.

  40. Siv says:

    Good morning to you, Mohammed.

    Your story has reached me, living on a small island towards the northsea in Norway.

    My support goes to you and your people, in action and in spirit.

    Keep up, we sureley are keeping up with you.

    Warm hugs from Norway

  41. abeer says:

    i just want to say to all of you THANK YOU for supporting Mohammad .. i see that your support to Mohammad case as a support to our land case and to palestinien people

    thank you for your courge and your humanity


  42. Samar says:

    الله كريم, وبنشوفك قريب بينا , وانا بعرف وكلنا بنعرف قديش انت شخص قوي وشجاع , واحنا شعب ما في اشي بخوفنا
    خليك زي ما انت وقريب قريب بنشوفك بينا..
    سمر.. طولكرم

  43. DEar Mohammad,
    I wish you all thebest. I am a history teacher, and recently I red the book of Israeli history-professor Ilan Pappe about the ethnic cleansing of your country. Jews, veen if they where suffering the most cruel things in the past, did’nt have the right to steel your country. The safety and trhe respect for jewish people all over the world had to be organised in another way than the jews did themselves. Following my conscience and my historical knowledge, I am happy,that the proces of recognising the historical blunder of the State of Israel has started. i met Prof. Ilan Pappe, and i cried a long time by hearing him confess, that ‘We have been wrong. We have to confess Palistinians our stupidty and historical misdoing, ask forgivness, and to ask them also how we can repare, restore, the situation,.
    So, in the perspective, of this rightious reconciliation, based upon the jewish confession of guilt, and giving back what was stolen, and taking back all refugees, I wish you the strengt of a giant, great love in your soul, and absence of willing to revenge: this revenge things are completely contra-productive. We all have to work on the revealing of the historical truth. This historical truth, and NOT the zionistic myth, nor the revenge, will conquer at the end.
    All my love from me, my wife Jamila and my kids Taha and Yassine, from Ghent, Belgium.

  44. Sylvia Baker says:

    Dear Mohammad, I live in a small village in Somerset in the UK. But in our
    tiny community and in the surrounding towns we have an active groups of people who work tirelessly for the people of Palestine. Please take heart that there are groups of us throughout the UK who care about your plight and we work your
    rights to a democratic and free Palestine.

    We are thinking of you, my husband Andy, and our sons, Tom and Daniel.

  45. Hey Mohammad!

    I wanted you to know that Bergen SU support you and your struggle against Israeli Apartheid! We are working hard to create awareness of your situation, both in Bergen and Norway, and will continue until you are released. I admire you and your courage, and look forward to still working with you in the strugle agains injustice.

    We’ll see you next time you come to Bergen:)

    Socialistic hugs
    Anne Sofie L. Bergvall
    from the international board of Socialistic Youth in Norway.

  46. Erik Skare says:

    Hi Mohammad! I heard what happened to you and I am filled with disbelief (or.. I am not surprised considered the fantastic job you are doing for free Palestien). I don’t have a long speech, but I hope to see you again next time I’m in Palestine.

    Best wishes
    Erik Skare

  47. Mahomed says:

    Asalam Alaikum wa Ramatullah wa Barakatuhu,

    May Allah reward you for your struggle against the Zionist oppressors. We all make dua for you. We also take courageous lessons from your actions. There is enormous support for the cause here in South Africa and the Muslim public is fully aware of what is happening in our Holy Land through the alternative madia. We are all behind you, and others like you, who fight opression against the pain of death and all odds.
    Stay strong in Iman.We are all proud of you for your courage. Do not give up to these heartless, evil oprressors.
    Mahomed and other Brothers and Sisters
    South Africa

  48. Anish says:

    Have faith in the Almighty ! Justice shall prevail……..

  49. Jørgen Jensehaugen says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    the news came as a shock – I felt like I had talked to you just the previous day.
    Keep strong! Your friends all over the world have you in our thoughts!

    I look forward to celebrating your release!

    Best reagrds, in solidarity,

  50. Raffaele Spiga says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    how was the balloon flight in Oslo? Scaring? If you went through it, you will make it also through the Israeli jail. I hug you and send all my support. wait for you in Ramallah.

  51. Alan lLeere says:

    Hi Mohammad!

    I really admire your stand for justice over the past ten years. You inspire me to do more. Know that I will spread the word for justice for Palestine in Ireland and beyond.
    I hope you see it in reality for yourself very soon.
    Alan (Dublin)

  52. zilda says:

    I wish you have hope and soon you will be free.

  53. Maria Urkedal York says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    Know that you and your efforts in fighting for justice is an inspiration to us all. Stay strong and be safe.
    All the best from Norway,

  54. Elisabeth Biström says:

    I met you in West Bank in 2005 and very briefly in Norway this summer. I support your work and hope you’ll be released soon.
    Best wishes,
    Elisabeth, Sweden

  55. Pamela says:

    Ya Mo, so sorry to hear you are the latest victim of Israel’s inhumane policies, hope to see you free soon. Meanwhile take it easy, maybe you could even use this little ‘vacation.’ (Sorry, not funny…)

    So many supporters and so many people outraged that you are in jail, clearly you have done a lot of good and touched many people. Ya3tik al afiyeh in your good works — so much respect from all of us — and hope to see you soon…

  56. Laraine Goddard says:

    Dear Mohammad!

    I am outraged at your arrest and have written to the British Embassy in Tel Aviv urging them to take all action possible to aid in your early release.

    I, and all people in Britain who care deeply for the plight of the Plestinian people are thinking of you.

    I hope we meet soon!
    Laraine Goddard

  57. Minna says:

    Yesterday it was exactly a year since an innocent man Barney Brown was realeased after 38 years in jail in the US. When he was sentenced to life (as a young boy) there was a couple in the court house wanting to give him a Bible, but the police wouldn’t let them. So, the lady told Barney: “Son, you just keep believing in God, he’s never lost a battle.” And he did, almost 40 years later he was a free man.

    I’m sure you won’t rotten in jail that long – maybe a few weeks at tops, given the international pressure, but the Palestinian plight has lasted longer than that of Barney’s. So, I’m telling all Palestinians: You just keep believing in God, he has never lost a battle! The world is waking up to this horrible injustice!!!

    Also here’s IMPORTANT INFORMATION on false confessions for the lawyers who work for the Palestinian prisoners!!!http://falseconfessionsbook.com/

    Hold on Mohammad! Don’t confess to anything you haven’t done, demand your rights! The world knows that you are there, and we are standing by you!
    In solidarity,

  58. My thoughta are with you and I hope you will soon be free.
    I have send an E-mail to the ambassady.

    Hugs from the Netherlands.

  59. Tom says:

    Greetings Mohammad from a Jayoussi EA. I wish you well and a speedy and safe return to your friends and family.

  60. Salen aalikum querido hermano, la templanza, la esperanza y fundasmentalmente la Fe, son las herramientas que tenmos los musulmanes.Nada cambiara para los execrados sionistas.Se que es facil para mi decirlo, porque no estoy en presion.Pero ALLAH cuida de sus hijos y de los piadosos y noi dejara que los incredulos cambien lo que El ha predestinado.rezamos por vos y espero pronto saber que estas junto s losx que quieres. Un colega y amigo argentino que desea trabajar , vivir y estudiar sobre el Islam en Medio Oriente.Nedrio Orlando Quiñones 0054 343 4270354.Salam

  61. Mike Naughton says:

    Dear Mohammad.
    I have just read about your plight and I am shocked. Your human rights clearly do not matter to a cold hearted bully. The fact that this description can be applied to a country is a disgrace. I hope your ordeal ends soon.
    Mike Naughton

  62. Dear Mohammad

    I want you to know that I am co-fighter, with you, for peace. Of course it looks like strange to speak of fighter for peace, but I do not have a better word to tell you that you are not

    I am sure we will reach better times for all Palestian and Israeli citiziens, and for the human kind.

    from Brazil

  63. Heather says:

    Hi Mohammed,
    So sorry to hear about your arrest. It is disgraceful, but sadly not surprising as the Israelis are sure to mark out anyone who has worked so hard and committed so much of their life to demolishing the fascist regime they are imposing on Palestine.
    I’ve contacted my embassy and consulate and written to the Israeli embassy here in London…posted the link on Facebook and even people at my work who don’t know anything about Palestine are shocked at what has happened to you are are taking action to help get you justice!
    Good luck and I’m sure I’ll speak to you soon!
    Heather H

  64. Dear Mohammad.

    Just want you to know that I am thinking about you day and night, and together with a lot of norwegian people we will keep fighting until you’re free!

    Hope to see you soon again, in Norway, Palestine, or other places!

  65. khadijah says:

    asalamu aliakum wahramatulah, brother,

    please keep strong during these struggles. the world needs more dedicated people who work for peace through peaceful means! la hawla wa la quwatta illa billah! we’ll keep you in our dua’a…

  66. Roshan says:

    Dear Mohammad
    Your bravery inspires us to continue with the struggle. Palestine WILL be free.
    And you will be too.

  67. Karl Dowling says:

    Hey Mohammad
    you’re constantly in our thoughts mate. when we met you,hindi and viv in palestine we were amazed at your courage and enthusiasm. keep the chin up mate and know that theres an army of people who are working for your release and are thinking about you

  68. Hannah Mermelstein says:

    Hey Mohammad,

    Just want to add my voice in here in support. I don’t know if and how you’ll actually see these messages, but I’m sending good thoughts your way across the ocean, as are many many others I’ve seen and spoken with in the last few days.

    Talk to you soon, inshallah.


  69. Sophi Zimmerman says:

    You are not forgotten! I will keep working until you are freed. I think of you every day and hope you stay strong in mind and spirit.

  70. Krista says:

    Hi Mohammed,

    I remember you talking about this risk on our way back from Bethlehem, and I am so sorry to hear it happened. I hope you are ok and keeping your spirits up, and that you’ll be out very soon! Judging from all the support mobilising around you, your injustice has resonated with many already; let’s hope it can also highlight far and wide the injustice of this constant repression of the Palestinian people. It is also a sign of your great work, and the importance of peaceful and civil resistance. “Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison.” (in this case it is under the occupier’s gvt.) Take care of you, now and after you are out! You will undoubtedly have a great welcome home. Ciao for now, Krista

  71. Dear Mohammad

    I wish to send you my best wishes and heartfelt hope that you are released as soon as possible. I’m stationed in Jayyous at the moment as an accompanier with EAPPI and know something about the magnifient work that you are doing. Hope to meet you when you are released – you are in my thoughts.

    Patricia from Sweden & Canada

  72. Sheerin Al Araj says:

    الله يعطيك العافية ويكثر من أمثالك فهذه الارض وهذا الشعب لا يحتاجون في هذه اللحظات الا من هم على شاكلتك محمد هل تذكر مصطلح الرجال الرجال
    في هذا الوقت انت سيد هؤلاء
    الله يفرجها عليك وعلى كل الاسرى

  73. tibi says:

    Hi Mohammad, we met at the Blitz festival, and I remember what you said in the anti imperialism session…We have to resist. I hope that actions and politic efforts can help you (and us) to let you and other people free.
    un bacio!
    Tibi from Italy

  74. Marouen says:

    We are supporting you and your freinds, and we hope that we were with you to feel satisfaction that we are doing something for our beloved Palestine.
    Be proud of yourself.

    Marouen, Tunisia

  75. Free Gaza says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    You are not forgotten in any way. I have posted your blog and the petitions on Facebook and asked for people to link and repost. I have written to Ron Prosor Israeli Embassy London about your illegal detention.
    One day Palestine will be free like South Africa. One day Israeli apartheid will be consigned to the history books. One day those who fought for the freedom of their fellow men and the right of return will be celebrated. Such was the case with Nelson Mandela the South African freedom fighter who from being detained for over 20 years rose to be the President of his country. Do not despair as they can imprison the body but they can’t kill the spirit. Free Palestine! Viva Palestina! Sanctions Against the Apartheid State of Israel.
    Rowena(Free Gaza)FB.

  76. Dear Mohammad,I am from Malaysia.I do not know you until
    you had been detained.I will write to who maybe concern
    to get you out.It’s not 100% will help you but I will try my best.May ALLAH be with you.Be strong and had faith on ALLAH AL-MIGHTY.Good luck to you and take care. Wassalam.

  77. Michele says:

    Dear Mohammad, I’m an Italian boy. Of course,I can’t even imagine what you feel and how is difficult to fight for human rights in Middle East,but I’d like to tell you how much your effort is important. It’s really a hope for a better future. Thank You

  78. Bogdan Ivanel says:

    I know you are strong and what is happening now will only make you stronger. Keep your calm and faith and you will be out of there in no time. You and the people I met in May in Palestine are all in my thoughts and your battle is also part of me now.

    Your friend,

  79. Neil Griffin says:

    Mohammad you are in our thoughts at this difficult time. Your cause is just and your courage is an inspiration. Take care and stay strong!

  80. Courage brother.
    The world is watching.I have re-posted the information about your imprisonment on my blog along with the pertinent links.

    You and your family and friends are in my thoughts and prayers.

    all best,

  81. Ann Wright says:

    Dear Mohamed,
    hoping you’ll be out very soon, we’re doing all we can in Jerusalem, you deserve a medal not detention, Ann Wright and Jenny Oskarsson

  82. Sara Bell says:

    Hey Mohammad,

    When we visited STW last November, I remember asking Dawood if the Israelis were using administrative detention to punish peace activists. He replied that it was only a matter of time. Typically, you had to get caught. Now they have to release you, or we have to make a plan that involves vast amounts of explosives and bust you out. Hope you are spending your time chilling out and contemplating your health, as Mags mentioned. Meanwhile, all my friends, comrades and relatives will continue to raise awareness about you, Palestine, and generally pestering the Israeli ambassador, who’s email inbox is full of emails mentioning you.

    All the Best. xxxxx

  83. stan squires says:


    I am from vancouver,canada and ive always supported the Palestinian struggle for self determination.All the palestinian prisoners should be freed.The working class around the world supports you and the rest of the political prisoners.It is the working class of the world that wants change and they are the only ones capable of making change and freeing the Palestinian political prisoners.
    There are five Cuban political prisoners in U.S. prisons.I am in contact with them.There are some palestinian organizations in Lebanon that are in contact with the Cuban political prisoners.The Cuban political prisoners are referred to as the Cuban 5.The Cubans and the Palestinians got a lot in common.They share a long revolutionary history.

  84. Thomas M. Steele says:

    Dear Muhammad Othman,
    As-salaam Alaikum,

    I want you to know that I ahve sent sevarl emails to the U.S Counsular General in Quds and the Embassy in Tel Aviv. I will aslo be bringing your unjust arrest and detention to the attention of some of the members of the U.S Congress to see what more attention can be brought to this matter. Stay strong.
    In Solidarity,
    Thomas M. Steele

  85. Claudia says:

    Dear Mohamed to be strong the justice will arrive soon.
    Is our wish from Argentina, since greeting to you

    Claudia –
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

  86. Moh says:

    Dear Moh,
    Thinking of you constantly. Never forget that those who are trying to take your freedom are not stronger than you, they are cowards, and you have truth and love and whatever is worthy in the world on your side. Will see you very soon.

  87. Berthoux Rose says:

    Hello Mohammad,
    We’re writing to you from Belgium.
    We know your cause is just and
    men like you are our hope for a future better, a world in peace.
    I send you a message (I forgot the author..)which says something like : ‘there is no way to Peace, Peace is the way.’ We know you are on this way.
    Thank you,
    You, your family and your friends are in our

  88. Susan Abuasba says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I can’t remember who tagged me to join the Ni’lin group on FB but I did and I want you to know that you, Hindi, Tord and all those that fight for Palestine in a peaceful way give me hope. Especially to see comments from all over the world – your message IS being heard. It is not easy when one is under occupation to fight back in peaceful ways. My husband is diaspora and we have 3 children. I grew up under Dr. Martin Luther King’s influence. But I have since learned that fighting for ones rights under Occupation is much more different than if you were a citizen fighting for your rights. So take heart and realise you and your friends have touched more lives than you can realise. I have signed the online petition and trying to figure out who to send a letter to (I’m American living in the Arabian Gulf). It is the least I can do for you and for my children’s future. Thank you for your peaceful fight. Insha’allah you will be amongst your friends and family soon and Palestinians everywhere will have their homeland again. May Allah bless you and your family with strength, patience and love.

  89. Greetings to my friend in Palestine! Hope you’re released soon! Enshalla.
    Freedom? Yeah, right.
    Salaam oaleikom, Nicolai min narwej!

  90. Herman says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    Of course we of stop the Occupation in the Netherlands support you in your pain.

    Your misfortune has been posted on our website http://www.stopdebezetting.nl under: http://www.stopdebezetting.com/doen-acties/free-mohammad-othman-now.html and http://www.stopdebezetting.com/wereldpers/free-mohammad-othman-now.html

    Please stay strong and bendable like rattan or reed.

    Here’s a poem for you by the famous Persian poet and Sufi master Hafiz:


    Someone put
    You on a slave block
    And the unreal bought

    Now I keep coming to your owner

    “This one is mine”

    You often overhear us talking
    And this can make your heart leap
    With excitement

    Don’t worry
    I will not let sadness
    Possess you

    I will gladly borrow all the gold
    I need

    To get you back

  91. It is a sad world when those who offer their hand in peace are imprisoned. I will to my MP and to the Israeli embassy. Enshalla. Thank you for what you do.

  92. It is a sad world when those who offer a hand in peace are imprisoned, and those who offer war go free. I will write to my MP and to the Israeli embassy. Enshalla. Thank you for what you do.

  93. Dear Mohammad!
    Stay strong and steadfast!

    We will continue fighting until your released, from Tromsø, Oslo, Bergen, Kristiansand.. Tomorrow we are launching a week of boycott-action in response to your arrest. If they take our comrades, we will take their money.

    From all your friends and comrades in Norway

    No justice, no peace!

  94. Jennie Musson says:

    Hello Mohammad

    I just wanted to say that I greatly admire the work you have done/are doing and also that I am appalled by the way that Israel is treating the Palestinian people. It sickens and disgusts me that the world’s leaders look the other way while the most barbaric crimes are being committed.
    I hope that you will be released to continue your excellent and hope-inspiring work. I am a member of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and me and my family are continuing to campaign and boycott Israeli goods in the hope that these actions will eventually have a positive impact.
    I believe this is important for peace for everyone in the Middle East.

    The best of luck to you,

    Jennie Musson

  95. Anne amsterdam says:

    Yaa sadiqi,

    Musta’alak wa inta ala bali…

    Keep strong!

  96. sanabituranima says:


    I don’t know what to say, except that you are awesome and I hope you’re ok.



  97. Len says:

    Mohammed…it is inspiring to read all these messages to you…some soaring in poetry, some more simple, but all appreciating the special spirit and joy you have brought to all those you have touched. Your sense of fun, your impish smile, your profound knowledge of the history of your Palestinian homeland inspired and educated our group visiting you. Your strength, your commitment to a non-violent confrontation with the beknighted, mistaken colonizers impressed all of us. I, as a Jew committed to Israel’s right to exist, am ashamed of what they are doing to you and your people. It is a travesty of justice, and deep down they know it. Surprisingly, given our own Jewish recent tragic history, you would expect they would understand that they are on a mission doomed to fail, as surely as any attempt ever in history to deprive another people of their rights to dignity, respect and independence.

    I hope you can remain strong in your current predicament. I hope you are not hurt, because if you are, it will come back to haunt the perpetrators. Your cause is just and you, and we, will overcome. Come out soon, safely and in good health. You are with me in my thoughts and prayers on this Yom Kippur day, when we beg for the forgiveness of our sins. Israel sins mightily every day in its occupation of Palestine, and commits crimes against its ownyouth by forcing them to daily repress and humiliate the people of occupied Palestine.

    Stay strong.

  98. bas vandenbranden says:

    Keep your spirit up high.
    That’s the olny thing nobody can take you away.

  99. Jean John says:


    We admire your fight for the rights of your people.Be strong in facing the future & know that we in Australia are suporting you.

    Jean & Andy

  100. Bret Thiele and Mayra Gomez says:

    We’re thinking of you, Mohammad. We’re here in solidarity and doing all we can to help.

    -Bret and Mayra from COHRE

  101. Mali says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    just want to say that we are always thinking about you, and that so many SU-activists have contacted me because they are concerned about you and because they want to wish you all the best. We have had a lot of activities and many of our members are writing things to their newspapers and so on to put focus on your case and the general situation for prisoners in Palestine.

    Stay strong and firm, I know you wont let them play with you no matter how hard they try. You are working for a just cause and that will keep you strong.

    We care about you and hope you are okey, and that we will very soon see you again 🙂

  102. Martin says:

    dear Mohammad
    You are the strongest person I know. I take comfort in knowing that you know that this is why they are bothering you like this. I think of you and look forward to our next bottle of champagne, we’ll make it a magnum and shoot in the right direction.

  103. ulla sandbaek says:

    Dear Mohammad
    I do hope to see you free and well one of these days in Ramallah. You may be put in prison but nobody can take away from you your humanity and the huge importance of the work you do. You will succeed eventually.
    All my love

  104. caryl kwei says:

    Daer Mohammad,

    I know many other Quakers like myself will be thinking of you and praying that you will be released from prison to continue in your quest for peace, justice and fairness for your people.

    You are in our thoughts.

    Caryl and Daniel Kwei

  105. Elizabeth Maddox says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    Thank you for the noble work that you are doing. I hope that very soon you will be returned to your friends and family. All over the world people are grateful to you and in awe of your courage.
    love and best wishes,
    Elizabeth, from Mullumbimby, Australia

  106. Zahida says:

    Salaam Mohammad,
    I am reading about your detainment in England. Just wanted to let you know that there are people around the world who cry for the Palestinians, and hope for their freedom and pray that their children will one day live in peace, inshallah. Keep your head up, keep fighting….you and others like you are our heroes. I will do duah for your quick release.
    With love from England

  107. Mahmoud says:

    Assalamu Alaikum,

    May your situation be eased and your intention be realised InshaAllah. Verily with hardship comes ease,InshaAllah

  108. Deadkid says:

    I am watching and I feel. Stay strong, stay balanced, stay empty and stay flexible. Fight the fight.
    We’re all watching.


    -I hear it’s going to be a good end to a decade.

  109. Nicole Kruckenberg says:

    Dear Mohammad!
    From copenhagen we send you lots of positive thaugths and hopes for your immediate release. We are writing, praying and hoping for you. Keep your head high! We are looking forward to see you again, here or in Palestine!
    Nicole and Jonas

  110. Patricia Hameed says:

    ASA: Allah says ,” After difficulty comes EASe.” I am keping you in my duas.Never give up hope if Allah is for you who can be against you? no one and nothing. The BAttle belongs to Allah! everything, and every one belongs to Allah.I pray Allah send you a Special Angel to protect You. Ame(Baiyyinah)

  111. Patricia Hameed says:

    I am keeping you and your family in my duas, may Allah send you several special Angels to protect and aid you. – Amen

  112. issa farrah says:

    I have just sent an e-mail to the London Israeli Embassy. There is a huge support for you at Goldsmiths College.



  113. Charlotte says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I just wanted to say that you have supporters calling for your release from around the world – The Netherlands in my case. I have written to the Israeli embassy in the Netherlands, the Dutch Embassy in Israel and my political calling for immediate action on your behalf.

    Holding you in my thoughts until your release,


  114. “You got enemies? Good. It means you stood up for something.” -Winston Churchill

    Stay strong. Be positive and pray for your oppressors. You will find your way just believe.

  115. Tatito says:


    You know…I send you all my love. We are waiting for you, but in the meantime, we are trying to do the best. I miss you.

    Bosat iktiir.


  116. Alasdair Donaldson says:

    Dear Mohammad

    I think your case and others reflect very badly on the state of Israel.
    I hold you in the light. May God give you strength to continue your fight for justice.

    In Friendship

    Alasdair Donaldson (a Quaker)

  117. Stacie McKay says:

    From the US – my friends and I will pray for your release so that you may continue to do great work in tring to bring basic human rights to all. We traveled to Israel in June and had our eyes opened to the truth.

    May you find strength and comfort,


  118. Gerald Duffy says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    Thank you for standing up for justice and human rights for Palestine.
    The thoughts and prayers of the people of Ireland are with you.


  119. Lindsey says:

    You do not know me and I only know you from emails BUT I wish to support what you do and be part of the great circle of people around the globe who are doing what they can for you.

  120. Robert Bromley says:

    Good luck Mohammad. You are very courageous and an inspiration to us all.

  121. Fr. Tony Romo, SVD says:

    Dear Mohammad:
    Greetings from a Mexican priest ministering in the USA. I pray you will be released soon. Hope international intervention will award your freedom.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Fr. Tony Romo, SVD

  122. Heinz Leitner says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I hope you will be released soon from prison to continue in your struggle for peace, justice and fairness for your people.
    Salam-Shalom, in solidarity
    Warmest regards from Austria

  123. John Dorman says:


    Stay strong, they can never take your spirit. Our thoughts are with you. May freedom come soon.

    John (Dublin)

  124. wolfgang jungheim says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    thank you for your non-violent fight for the
    human rights
    I think of you
    I pray for you
    Keep hopefull

  125. Donna A says:

    Dear Mohammad

    I am so sorry to hear of your plight. I am trying to tell as many people as I can about the suffering of the Palestinian people, so many British citizens are unaware of the true situation. When they hear they are appalled. What would we do without good people like you Mohammad? I pray freedom and justice comes soon.

    Donna, Devon England

  126. Anna Baltzer says:


    I am thinking of and worrying for you constantly, doing the little I can to help secure your release. I look forward to the day we can drink tea in Ramallah together again.

    I believe your detention is testimony to the fact that this movement is being effective enough to cause Israel such concern. You are a true hero.

    In solidarity,


  127. Kristin says:

    Dear Mohammad

    You and your family are in my prayers. We hope to see you soon. Hopefully you will come and eat dinner with us in Oslo again in not too long. Lydia was so charmed the last time we met, though quite frustrated because you didn’ understand her 2 year old norwegian:-)

    Our thoughts to you every day,


  128. Aletta says:

    As salaam alaikoem wa Rahmatullah wa Baraketoe!

    Ik want to say that i hope, Insha Allah u will be a free man soon. That you and all the Palistinan people will be free. Free from prison and free in life.
    May Allah guide you and give you the strenght to hold on. And insha Allah to keep on in the future.
    You’re in our doe’a-s.
    Masha Allah you are fighting the cause of So many people. Masha Allah Masha Allah!

    Rabbi maa’k, wa maakoem.
    Wa salaam Aletta and family (from the Netherlands)

  129. Christine Barboni says:

    I don’t know if there are any words that can help, outside of the letters to appeal for international intervention

  130. Mohammad, thx so much for all your work & engagement – not only for Palestine but for global human rights, civil rights – justice and dignity http://www.flickr.com/photos/davinca/3153725782/ … we love you for what you are!

    warm regards
    never ever give up

    Elisa from Vienna (Austria)

  131. I’m so sad and disgusted that you’re still being held in that dungeon. I’ve even started having nightmares about Israeli jails. Please take care and know that you are missed and admired. Wallah you are an inspiration to the world. Hope to see you very soon.

  132. Leila says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I´m very sad about this unjustice, please remember you´re not alone. I have tried to contribute to spreading the news on your detention in Spanish media, so it was published here:

    – on my personal blog:

    – two other Spanish media:



    Love from your Spanish-Syrian friend.


  133. Observer says:

    This is my song.English is pretty bad but words are strong.
    When silence covers all and Nacht und Nebel takes over World

    When I am not anymore I but become They
    and nobody care what I feel.

    When i am an enemy wherever I stand

    When Night is dark and silence unbearable

    When Nebel is full of shadows, which demands my death….

    So looks each my day…
    After this song was published at facebook most of Muslim media turned to black-white and white at Press TV, KSA2, blogs becomes less and less each day. I truly wonder shell I see end of night as well shell this young men see it too.

  134. Iman says:

    AlSalam alaika ya Mohamed,

    Rabena maak, binedeelak.

    Inta edee “rabi, iny maghloobon fantaser”. This doaa is promised to save you.

    This is a very powerful doaa, it will keep you strong and you will need no one.

    Iman from Egypt for a free Palestine and free Jerusalem.

  135. Deb K From USA says:

    Hello my dear palestinian friend. I just read about your unjust arrest and detention. I am from the USA and I stand by you 100%. I will pray for your safe release so that you can get back to your loved ones. Keep up the good work! I am here in the USA working on behalf of the Palestinian citizens also. I have been doing it for several years now. As a matter of fact, just last Saturday, I participated in a Palestine Freedom walk here in Boston, Massachusetts. Many participated! I will keep on speaking to everyone and anyone I can just to get the truth out about the injustices that the Palestinian people are being subjected to. Take care. We in USA are with you!

  136. Bonnie says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    Through your steadfast and courageous efforts you are both a living demonstration of a non-violent solution, and a beacon of hope to all who desire a just peace in the region, and in the world.

    Know that you have many friends here in Canada. On Friday a group of us gathered for the inaugural protest demonstration, ‘Toronto’s Actions for the BDS Marathon’, in front of the Israeli consulate in Toronto. The motto on our signs: “If you want to arrest the BDS movement, you have to catch us all!” And our loudspeaker told the story of your unlawful detention to all who passed by.

    My dear friend, I will continue to advocate on your behalf, and on behalf of all who speak out against the ongoing war crimes and injustices being inflicted upon the Palestinian people. I am also writing letters to Alan Baker, Israel’s ambassador in Canada, Mr. J. Allen at the Canadian Embassy in Tel Aviv, and Lawrence Cannon, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

    Holding you and your family in my thoughts and prayers until your imminent release.

    Blessings & peace be yours,

  137. Freddy Samson says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    You are involved in a type of struggle that is never short-lived. Never in history have people who are manipulated, oppressed, or otherwise overpowered by those who claim to be the “masters”, had an easy victory. Even when the oppressed would have hopes for the better, the oppressors always found (and will find) ways to undermine such hope, to even tell the world how well-deserved the oppression is for those who undergo it… not because it serves a cause, but because the oppressors have inherited “the right” to do what they do.

    History repeats itself, if we consider all the indigenous peoples on as many territories throughout man’s history. The all have had to fight, and often succumb while struggling. Not this time.

    My sympathy, my prayers, they come your way, knowing full well that it may still take YEARS before the hypocritical majorities that surround us, will decide that they can no longer sustain their inhumane support of the blatant oppressors, who have always been their closest friends and allies.

    My last name is evidence of Jewish ancestry. That does not make me a blind follower of whatever an Israeli or Jewish person will say or do today, when that person oppresses any heir of any brother in history… dating all the way back!

    Although your struggle is going to remain tough, there is living evidence that consistent emphasis on the Palestinian rights to territory and the demand for cessation of Israeli oppression, will lead to the day when that will be achieved. But it will be long, ugly and painful.

    All the same, my scream to you, from our European shores is:
    And I shall pray for God’s Blessing and Guidance for your quest.

    Heartfelt greetings,

  138. You prove what I have felt for many years: Israel does not fear the violence of Palestine, they fear that Palestine will stop all violence, and shame them before the world as Martin Luther King shamed the United States and Nelson Mandela shamed South Africa.

    Well, Israel should have paid a little more attention to history. South Africa jailed Mandela for decades, and he won. Martin Luther King was beaten and jailed many times, and he won.

    I wish you the best,


  139. Ollie Barron says:

    Hi Mohammad

    I’ve never met you, I don’t know much about you, but I do know that your confinement is deeply unfair. I can only imagine what you’re going through and I hope to never have first hand experience of it. You have my support and you’re in my thoughts. Just hold on in there. This will one day come to an end. Don’t forget who you are and what you stand for.

    It’s important to have hope and I hope this will give you some: There was recently a campaign to free two reporters who had been unfairly imprisoned in solitary confinement in North Korea. I found the campaign online. Soon after it made the mainstream news, and soon after that the pressure must have been so immense on the Korean authorities that the two reporters were released. I hope you can take some strength from this and I hope to see you free soon. I’ll do all I can to take your situation to the awareness of others.

    Good luck.


  140. willow. says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I discovered you partially from my Global Issues class, and partially on my own by searching the internet for an assignment in which I had to do a political action i.e. write a letter to someone important, call a senator, etc. My teacher emailed me the website: http://www.waronwant.org/
    Your story is touching because your still in jail now, and we are working to get you out. I want to write you some words of hope. some words from my heart. I don’t know how this will effect you, or when you will read this, but I can send it your way anyway.
    looking out like a bug on the bed. sailing away on the ocean. floating on thoughts not movement. keep breathing or the clock will stop. keep yearning or your heart will stop. we are all lost puppies- looking for the next meal. a yummy treat. a tasty goodbye. looking- I see owl’s eyes in this dark cage. red glowing bright. am I dreaming? yes you are. and your living too. yes you are and your dieing too. all at once in this one moment. reach up boy and call your sister to the west. find that gem beneath your pillow and hold it close. before you know it you’ll be running down the road- thinking to yourself “what does freedom mean anyways?” …. I give you the luck I have. muster up some strength for me and I’ll do the same for you. from brother to brother. hand in hand.
    love to you.

  141. Ulf Larson says:

    Salaam aleikum Mohammad,
    I do hope you can resist this very bad treatment you have been the victim of! I will do my (small) part of protest action in Sweden. Hope you will be free soon! And shame on Israel!

  142. Anna says:

    Dear Mohammad!
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you these days. Take care and God bless.
    Jayoussi Anna

  143. The injustice will have an end.

    We are for freedom for Shalit and Othman and 11,000 other Palestinians – even if some do not forget: throw an Israeli soldier with a Palestinian human rights activists in the same pot is not fair.

    Freedom for Othman … Freedom for Ni´lin and Bil´in … Freedom for Gaza, Freedom for Marwan Barghouti … Freedom for Palestine

    with the grate wishs to all palestinian freedom fighter

    Revolution until Victory

  144. Dakotahgeo says:

    I hope to meet you some day… you never know, lolol.
    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER give up! You will be a free man soon and I could not be happier for that.


  145. Gareth Smith says:

    Dear Mohamad, Our family salutes you in the great work you are doing-don’t give up or despair! We are with you and will write to the Israeli Embassy in Canberra about you.
    Our very best wishes to you and your loved ones!

  146. Jennifer says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    You are an example to us all – your kind of bravery is something we need more of in this world.

    Although I don’t know you except by reputation, I believe you have the strength to resist the awful treatment meted out to you by a state which is digging its own grave. The bird of freedom cannot be silenced no matter how high the prison walls.

    If love and support from all over the world can keep you going, you will succeed, because you have it – in hugh quantities!

    Highest regards,
    Jennifer – London UK

  147. Patrick Clark says:

    Dear Mohammad

    God Bless you and all those who struggle with you, I am praying for you and all that you stand for.


  148. Stefano Zenni says:

    Dear Moahammad,
    I just learned of your case. Please think of me as person thinking of you. me and my wife stand by you. Resist!

  149. swingelsinger says:

    Dear Mohammad, believe in freedom of people and independence of countries.You fight for freedom of your people so all people with you and we are looking forward to letting you out of prison.

  150. Britt from Sweden says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    So sorry to hear about this!

    I remember your caring mum making dinner to all of us! (2005)
    I remember you making coffee to V. and me on the mountain by Jayous overlooking the winding wall!

    My heart is with you all day long!

    May the sun shine warm upon your face and
    Until we meet again may God hold you in the palm of his hand! Love , Britt

  151. Britt from Sweden says:

    notify me of follow-up comments via email

  152. Linda Etherden says:

    dear mohammad,

    what can i say? i do not know you, my life is so sheltered – i live in a peaceful place and my rights are never threatened. i cannot imagine the challenges you face or how deep you must dig inside yourself, every moment, to find the strength just to live and to speak, that you do not even have the choice but to carry on your struggle. i cannot imagine what is being done to you this very minute that i write this message. but my heart reaches out to you and i send you my love – i have nothing else to give and words are not adequate. i pray for your freedom and your victory. you have truth love and justice on your side. salaam aleikum, my brother. (desmond tutu used to tell his enemies: we have won already, why don’t you join us?)

  153. David says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I’m sure things are difficult for you now and you must be fighting fear and depression. But I hope the conviction that you are suffering for the sake of a just cause will comfort you and keep you strong. You should also keep in mind that your plight is not unknown and the attention it’s getting helps to expose Israel’s injustice. It’s people like you who have reached out for peace when they had every reason to hate that inspire many of us and make this world worth living in. Stay strong. My thoughts are with you.


  154. Leslie says:

    hi mohammad,
    was lucky to meet you the last time i was in ramallah. you honestly helped me a lot, and i wish we could talk soon. i’m remembering a lot from that time, you were a good friend to me before you left for norway.
    i wish i knew what you’re going through. stay strong and know that thousands of people are thinking of you. you have inspired many many people to join you.
    miss you and hope to talk someday soon.

    Truth alone will endure, all the rest will be swept away before the tide of time. I must continue to bear testimony to truth even if I am forsaken by all. Mine may today be a voice in the wilderness, but it will be heard when all other voices are silenced, if it is the voice of Truth. — Gandhi

  155. joão melgarejo says:

    tenho certeza que o dia da tua libertação está próximo e quando isso acontecer, estaremos todos juntos na enorme festa da confraternização.
    se estamos distantes geograficamente, na luta pela justiça estamos sempre próximo e é por isso que nunca podemos desistir da paz.

  156. Sofía says:

    Hola Moh….

    I dont know what to write you… You know all the things that we shared and all the talks and now… i just want you to know that im here,supporting you in all the ways i can. And the only thing in my mind is to see you free. I keep the hope to make this real as soon as possible.

    I miss you a lot… and, and, and….


  157. Ken Malcolm says:

    Salaam alikum. Keep your chin up brother. I write from Thailand as a member of PSC Thailand. We are thinking of you and will keep looking for some sort of justice from the occupiers of your country.

  158. mary says:

    Everyone at our site Palestine Think Tank, is thinking of you, supporting you and praying for your safety. We’ve spread the news of your ordeal around and hopefully, the people who are reading will make their outrage heard.

  159. Tim Hart says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    I recently returned from Palestine and saw first hand examples of the appalling way in which the Palestinian people are treated by the Israeli authorities. The Israeli government continues to wage an insidious campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people. The Israeli administration is a barbaric and obnoxious regime which flagrantly ignores human rights – as demonstrated by the recent genocide that they committed in Gaza. It demonstrates contempt for all basic civilised values. Your arrest and continued detention is just one more example of why Israel should be ostracised by the international community and treated as a pariah state. I hope that you will soon be free to carry on your stuggle for justice and in the meantime you will maintain your strength and fortitude in what must be extremely difficult circumstances for you.
    Best wishes.
    Tim Hart

  160. Alison says:

    We are outraged at Israel’s cruel and illegal imprisonment of you for your nonviolent activities. We will continue to do our best to tell Americans the facts. As soon as we have the latest update on your situation we will post it. I am calling my elected representatives to demand that they call on Israel to release you.

  161. Britain says:

    Mohammad, I have thought about you every day since you’ve been arrested and hope that you are enduring the experience with your sense of humanity in tact. I have written articles about you to raise awareness, and pray for your release. Inshallah, I will see you soon. In the meantime, stay strong my friend.

  162. Anna says:

    Dear Mohammad!
    I’m in Ramallah and it feels really strange that you’re not here and that we can’t meet…It is so unfair that you of all people are where you are. I often think about you and what it can be like for you. I hope and pray that you will be released real soon. Take care! your sister Anna (from Sweden)

  163. giovanni esposito says:

    Dear Mohammad Othman ,
    we are italian family. We wrote to several consulate to support your defence from illegal arrest of israelo police.
    you hold out!
    we hope to see you free soon.
    Esposito’s family

  164. Fanny says:

    My dear Mohammad,

    My thoughts are with you, daily. I really hope to see you free, healthy and with the smile u always used to have on your face when i come back to Palestine next month.

    Inshallah they will release you today! The world is watching..

    We miss you


  165. Try to stay strong though all of this.

  166. Moh says:

    Moh, your dreams are alive and powerful, and the love and respect of thousands of good souls around the world are holding you way above the acts of cowardice that your oppressors try to stifle you with. Your light is way too bright, and they know it. Keep the faith. You are constantly in my thoughts. Stay flexible, stay strong.

    Missing you enormously,

  167. Heinz Leitner says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I have just written to the Austrian embassy in Tel Aviv to take all appropriate measures, including official inquiries and protests, to ensure your immediate and unconditional release. I further requested the Austrian Consulate to follow the lead of the Norwegian, German, and British Consulates and dispatch a US consul representative to attend your upcoming hearing (November 25)
    Dear Mohammad,I am very sad about your terrible detention. Keep up your mind: all your comrades and friends are siding with you!
    Salam & Shalom in Palestine and Israel

  168. I’ve written to the President of the United States. I live in Dana Point, California, in the US. I love you and have put you on our prayer list regularly, along with Ezra Nawi, Bil’in, Jayyus and Ni’lin in Israeli jails and also sent a letter to the President in their behalf.

    Mysteries and the mystic are written by a realized yoga master, Ramakrishna Anandaji. He also wrote a site that encourages love and appreciaton of all people and of all paths. http://www.spiritualworld.org http://www.themystic.org has 32 free life lessons and mysteries has six free lessons and twelve years of class. The cost is adjustable to the country’s cost of living.

    Here are some thoughts from http://www.mysteries.net that may inspire you in your distressing situation.

    People most often have a false sense of self, a bound heart. They don’t know who they are. In the Fifth Mystery we also described the Heart, the sense of self, as being like a prisoner who is confined to a life of separateness, spiritual ignorance and unfulfillment due to a greatly limited self-awareness.

    In Mysteries 5 through 10 we studied the main bondage through expansions of the Heart in stages of empathy, sameness of feeling and mystical sympathy.

    Now, having grown through increasing self-awareness and several expansions of the Heart, we now seek a direct experience of the Heart Essence, the Heart’s True Feeling. In seeking the intensity and splendor of our heart’s true feeling, we prepare for the blazing majesty of a higher love that we never thought ourselves capable of feeling or sharing: Mystical Love. Fortunately, mystical love first fills our awareness in a mellow, pleasant manner. When this great love matures and flows within us in complete freedom we will feel like comets — afire, aglow, and moving at inconceivable speed through the universe.

    The Meannesses of the Heart

    The bound heart is often mean and destructive. It cannot be free to reveal itself or express its essential nature until its ravaging negative energies are transformed and redirected.

    Mystics call these harsh, harmful feelings the madnesses or meannesses of the heart. These subversive feelings are the principal fetters which keep the heart bound, incapacitated, and in such a bad mood. As long as the meannesses prevail, we are incapable of love, peace, or fulfillment, and our sense of self is that of a lost, abandoned child.

    Any one of these madnesses can keep us self-limited and self-ignorant. But, usually we are overwhelmed by all six meannesses: anger, fear, guilt, arrogance, prejudice, and destructive grief (not the natural, healthful mourning form of grief), .

    In Mystery 37 we discussed the principles of Initiation and how to release these meannesses — these chains of the heart — one by one. Here in this mystery you will significantly reduce all of the meannesses as you seek, discover, and encourage your Heart’s True Feeling.

    The Caged Bird Analogy

    The heart is like a caged bird. A caged bird has wings; it can fly. However, due to its imprisonment it flies only tiny distances from one side of its cage to the other. While the bird is capable of flying hundreds and thousands of miles, it flies only a few inches (or centimeters) this way and that.

    If you open the bird cage door, the bird will often sit by the door and stay there. While it has wings and can fly far away, it sits there unaware of its freedom and possibilities. It could fly across the sky to another town or country but it knows only its cage.

    Finally the bird flies around its cage a few times. Then, becoming conscious of its freedom and the great realms now available to it, the bird soars into the firmament and lives a new life.

    Similarly, Your Heart

    So, too, your heart. Your heart is capable of infinite love and compassion. You are by nature a great lover. All of us are. You know intuitively that your heart wants to rush out and embrace all the suffering, to uplift all the downtrodden. Don’t you feel your heart’s love pushing, trying to break out, whenever you hear of hurting or needing people?

    But, instead, most of us live with our hearts in a cage, just like the little bird. We confine our feelings to a tiny radius and spend so much emotion on our local desires, worries and the six meannesses. We rarely let our hearts fly free and express their deepest yearnings, compassion and care.

    We were given hearts capable of great love but, often, we confine them. In not freeing our hearts we live small lives. In not loving freely and fully, we don’t feel love much at all and wonder sometimes if it even exists. In living with bound hearts, we are pale imitations of the persons we were born to be, and this haunts us.

    How can you free your heart and experience its true feeling? How can you thrill in every cell of your being as the heart’s tremendous love pours through you?

    The answer is twofold:

    • Realize Mysteries 5 through 10

    • Learn the Heart-Revealing and Heart-Freeing meditation which follows

    Already you have easy access to Mysteries 5 through 10. Not let us turn our attention to Heart-Revealing and Heart-Freeing Meditation.

    Help your Heart to break free! It wants to fly, not live in a cage.

    The Heart’s True Feeling

    The Heart-Revealing and Heart-Freeing Meditation

    This technique may become one of your favorite mystical practices. In fact, you may find it to be one of your favorite hobbies as well. I love it too. This is truly a favorite of mine.

    Let’s review the cautions for meditation and then discover the Heart’s True Feeling!

    Cautions Regarding Meditation

    Before practicing this high and glorious meditation, observe the precautions of all meditation practices:

    1 Let comfort guide you. Never strain, force or push for results in meditation. If ever you feel uncomfortable in any form of meditation, stop. Relax. Then try again later. If discomfort returns, abandon the practice for a month. Then try it again if you wish.

    2 If after a month’s rest you still experience discomfort, wait another month. Then if you are still unable to find complete comfort and pleasantries in the practice, abandon it for a year — or forever. Find a different practice of meditation which is more to your liking and comfort level.

    3 If you suffer heart, respiratory, nerve or psychological illness, it’s best to consult your doctor or health professional before proceeding. Usually, doctors and therapists like to recommend this kind of meditation but these practices might be inappropriate under certain conditions.

    4 Meditate on an empty stomach. Wait at least three hours after a meal or you may experience indigestion.

    Preparation for Meditation

    Here’s a marvelous way to meditate and free the Heart to reveal and express its true feeling.

    • Stretch.

    • Sit and relax your whole body from your toes slowly up your body all the way to your scalp.

    Breathe deeply 5 to 7 times through your nose preferably. (Breathing through your mouth is not as deep or calming.) Breathe with slow, steady inhalations and exhalations. Make the exhalations a few seconds longer than the inhalations — about 3 to 7 seconds longer.

    The Heart-Revealing and
    Freeing Meditation

    The Eagle Form

    Imagine and feel that you are soaring through clear blue skies swiftly and magnificently like an eagle. (If you prefer a lark or another bird you know better, select that.) Feel you are streaking forward, zooming straight upward, or luxuriantly turning and twisting. With your physical body relaxed and still, visualize and feel that your awareness is actually moving swiftly and surely in any direction you like.

    Feel you are flying beautifully and swiftly. Sense constant motion and joyous, glorious free flight. Play with the infinite sky! Fly far and free.

    The Fish Form

    Feel that you are a beautiful fish happily swimming in an infinite ocean of joy, infinite waters of bliss above, below, beside, and all around you. Swim at your pleasure in any direction you like, as fast or slow as you wish, enjoying the nectar of joy as you move.

    Turn, rotate, rise up, swim down as much as you like. Enjoy.

    Feel the constant motion. You are a fish moving effortlessly and delightedly in an ocean of bliss.

    Conclusion of These Meditations

    To conclude your meditation, gradually return your awareness from the sky or the ocean to your splendid body sitting so calmly in the chair or on the floor. Bring your awareness first to your Heart Center (inside the spine directly back of the heart organ) and enjoy the awareness of being back in your physical residence, your body.

    Slowly appreciate life and awareness from your head slowly down your body, all the way down your face, neck, arms, trunk, chest, abdomen, hips, legs, feet and toes.

    There. You now know both forms of the Heart-Freeing Meditation. Either one is lovely and powerfully liberating. You will find a regular 15-minute meditation seems to take no time at all. (By the way, you may wish to use a timer so you won’t need to interrupt your meditation by peeking at a clock.)

    Fifteen minutes of either of these forms of meditation several times a week will not only give you more serenity and clarity the rest of the day, but you will begin to find it actually works! You will begin to notice deeper and more wonderful feelings coming into your awareness: sympathy, compassion, awe, delight, courage, strength, and a magnificent love. These feelings come subtly at first but as you notice them and let them move through you, you will be utterly charmed by the greatness of your own heart.

    A major part of your life and self which was lost is now being found, one glorious day at a time. Heart-freeing meditation gives you a new sense of who you are and what your life can be.

    As the Heart becomes revealed and free, you will finally experience your Heart’s essential, core feeling, it’s primary nature: infinite, compassionate love. Your Heart’s true feeling is love itself. You don’t have to labor a lifetime to create love or seek love from someone else. You carry it inside you. When you dare look for it and free it from all other momentums of feeling, you will find a love as great and worthy as any.

    Free the Heart. Discover your Heart’s true feeling. You will know your identity when you find that love.


    I seek to experience my heart’s true feeling whereever I go and in all I do.

  169. Nichelle says:

    Salam Mohammad,

    I just wanted to say you aren’t forgotten, I’m a Greek Orthodox Christian (although I’m not Greek) I’m a US citizen who’s seen the Wall’s impact in Jayyous & Azzoun, the settlements, the isolated olive groves, checkpoints & regular harassment…You’ll remain in my prayers, until you are released and (I hope) soon be returned unharmed to your family in Jayyous (insh’allah).

  170. Brian Stone says:

    Dear Mohammed,
    My daughter Penny is currently working in Jayyous for EAPPI and has told me of your arrest and detention. I am very sorry to hear what has happened to you and I am writing to express my full support. I am doing everything I can to help in securing your release including writing to my Member of Parliament and to the Secretary of the UK Parliamentary Group on Palestine, Dr Brian Iddon. I have also sent a strong letter of protest to the Israeli Embassy in London, and have signed the online petition seeking your immediate release.
    The Stone family will remember you and your family in our prayers. May God be with you.
    With every good wish,
    Brian Stone

  171. Angel says:

    my dearest friend Moh, always in my heart and thoughts. pray for ur safety and release to come soon.
    pls stay possitive we are all with u,
    love and miss u so much
    Ange xxxx

  172. Lydia says:

    Dear Mohammad!

    Aside from being outraged and sad to see a friend persecuted, maltreated and arbitrarily thrown behind bars for being a human rights defender and a speaker of truth; I’ve been trying to do whatever little that can be done from Hungary in terms of writing protest letters asking governments to push for your immediate release. You have a lot of support out there and the louder we cry, the bigger the chances are for you leave the hell hole where you are! Courage! Falastin Harrah!



  173. Lucy says:


    we have never met but I hold fire within my heart for your cause and for your concerns.
    When all of this is in the past, and you are free to continue with your life and work – one day when you are eating a fig, or a pomegranate, or any fruit that holds the ripening of the sunniest days within it: may you know the sweet taste of friendship that is possible even between strangers, and hope, and smile within your heart.


  174. Michele says:

    Dear Mr. Othman:

    Woke up this morning wondering how your recent detention hearing went & found this website. Sent an email to US embassy in Israel in support of your release. Your efforts inspire me to find out how I can do more to support non-violent bds.

    You are in my thoughts.

    Best wishes for peace and human rights for all.
    South Carolina

  175. Ingie says:

    Sending you thoughts of strength, justice and love from South-East Asia.

  176. Marna says:

    Stay strong. Know that you have the support of people from all over the world. You are very brave and an inspiration to us all.
    Here in the United States we will continue to work for your release and for an end to US support of the Israeli government. (Oakland, California, USA)

  177. Dear Mohammad,

    The Austrian Embassy in Israel has just informed me that the Swedish embassy in Israel as the local embassy of the present Swedish precidency of the European Union is asking Israel to release you as soon as possible. I do hope Israel will immediately and unconditionally release you. Keep up your strength, dear Mohammad!
    In solidarity
    Heinz (Austria)

  178. Dear Mohammad
    There’s a group of people in Oban, on the west coast of Scotland, who are writing letters on your behalf. The group are called Oban Concern for Palestine and we receive updates on your situation through someone who works for Quaker Peace and Social Witness as an Ecumenical Accompanier serving on the World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI).
    Do try not to lose heart!

  179. Soe says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    Thank you for your wisedom and your peacefull courage. Please never stop believing and there are people waiting for you to learn from you but mostly care for your sake.

    My best,


  180. lili says:

    dear mohammad
    i hope you will be release soon, and it will be a time inshaALLAH when these demons(israeli) will pay, for all the bad and the nasty things they are doing!

  181. Betty says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    we’re all waiting for you to get out – and I’ll demand a massage for every single day you were in there…
    and: let people know that your case has raised awareness around the world as well about all the other Palestinian political prisoners…and: as a friend of mine said: a state where justice is a joke has no future.

    have fun!

  182. Margrete says:

    Hi Mohammad.

    I miss you. I just wanted to let you know, since I can’t tell you in any other way now. Please come out soon. To be in Palestine without seeing you was no fun.

    Love, Maggie

  183. Nancy Kiousi says:

    Hi Mohammad,
    I’m so sorry for what’s happening to you. It is so wrong. But I hope that wherever you are, god will allow you to know that you are not alone. A lot of people are thinking of you and we will keep trying to get you free and safe. Until then know that our thoughts remain with you, in captivity, and we will not stop trying for your release.
    Best wishes,

  184. Pamela Allee says:

    Mohammad, we do not know each other and will likely never meet. I keep you in my heart prayerfully, along with the other prisoners of conscience that I hear of. The ideas of justice, equality, the Golden Rule – these can never be imprisoned or extinguished. But I pray for your release, and for the redemption of those who rule against you.

  185. sandro says:

    Dear Mohammad,

    i do not know you but am reading always about what you have to go through and wanting to let you know that I wish you much strength for this. Injustice is injustice, no matter who has to live it, no one deserves it!

  186. Janel Galvanek says:

    Hi Mohammad,

    There are a group of people in Berlin, Germany, that are concerned about you and are working for your release. We admire your courage and hope that you will be released soon.

    Lots of love to you, Janel

  187. Helle says:

    Dear Mohammed,

    I write this as I hope you will be out the next couple of days and will be able to read this very soon. I know you have been through a tough time and cruel treatment and I have been thinking of you a lot. I hope you managed to stay strong in believing in yourself and what you are doing, you have managed so well to come this far and I am so proud of you and glad that I walked with you for part of your way. The massive response on your arrest here and elsewhere clearly shows that your voice has been heard loud and clear so many places… I hope that somehow you managed to keep faith in that there still is goodness in this world that is worth struggling for. You are pecious to so many. And now we will struggle for Jamal aswell…
    Warm thoughts and take good care now dear. Hug Helle

  188. Heinz Leitner says:

    Dear Mohammad,
    I am very sad you are still in jail. Today, on Dec.24th, people in Austria remember the birth of a child born in Israel long ago. Remembering this little baby I hope the future will bring peace to all babies, children, women and men, in Palestine, and to you, dear Mohammad. Keep up your strenght!
    In solidarity Heinz

  189. Viv says:


    so, 22 January I’ll be having my birthday and I hope you’ll be there!
    kittens still missing you, even though we only have two left now.

  190. Glenn Williams says:

    Brother Mohammad,

    During this long and arduous ordeal, please know that there are many, many people around the world who stand with you in your struggle for justice.

  191. Mohammad,

    We will be thinking of you today in Portland, Oregon. We are gathering in the main square of town and then marching to the university, where we’ll attend a seminar with Alison Wier of If Americans Knew.

    Forgive us here for being asleep. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to focus on the Palestinan occupation, which is the root cause of all the other wars the US is fighting.

    Best wishes and take care.


  192. Deborah Maloney says:

    Mohammed, your strength and integrety gives us hope that someday your country will live in peace and harmony.

    Love and light

  193. patrick maxwell says:

    dear mo,

    you are not alone & not forgotten.

    patrick maxwellberlin

  194. Marna says:

    As we mourn the recent devastation in Haiti, the news of your release provides us with a glimmer of hope…
    Viva Palestina Libre
    Oakland, CA–USA

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