“We Stand with Mohammad”

Naomi Klein

“But as we see with Mohammad Othman’s arrest, Palestinians are still treated as the enemy, even when they embrace this non-violent tactic. It is clear that for the supposedly democratic Israeli state, no tactic – no matter how peaceful – is an acceptable way for Palestinians to resist an illegal occupation.”

“I learned more from spending a day driving around the West Bank with Othman, following the land-grabbing path of the Wall, than I have from reading dozens of books. His passion for knowledge and his love of the land are astounding and contagious.”

Naom Chomsky

“It is deeply disturbing to learn that Mohammad Othman has been arrested on his return from Norway, on unspecified security charges that it is hard to take seriously. He is precisely the kind of person who should be welcomed if there is to be any hope of progress towards a just peace. I hope that this action will be quickly rescinded.”


18 Responses to “We Stand with Mohammad”

  1. Michela Pellegrino says:

    free Mohammad Othman

  2. Shiro Masri says:

    Free Mohammad Othman

  3. Shiro Masri says:

    We stand with Mohammad Othman



  5. Jan Busselen says:

    free Mohammad Othman and break down the wall!!

  6. Free an innocent, free Mohammad. He only wants a just peace between Israel and Palestina.

  7. Free Mohammad Othman. WE STAND WITH MOHAMMAD

  8. JIhane says:


  9. Daniel Teegan. says:

    Mohammed seeks Peace borne of Justice,as with the first Christian, he is punished for his beliefs.

  10. Cathy says:

    “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Mt 5:9) Mohammed Othman is a peacemaker that is being persecuted for working toward a lasting peace. He should be released immediately!

  11. joni says:

    I now have a post up on my blog to support Mohammad.

  12. Nadia Basto says:

    Freedom to Peace People !!!!
    Release Mohammed Othman !!!!

  13. Patrizia Angelotti says:


  14. zaffer says:


  15. Sokaina Benyaich says:

    FREE for Mohammad, we stand with him,I hope we could do more!!!

  16. Soe says:

    I stand for peace, freedom and hope, I stand for Mohammed

  17. Mohamed Abdirashid says:

    FREE Mohammad Othman. We stand with Mohammad Othman.

  18. Glenn Williams says:

    We stand in solidarity with Mohammad Othman and demand his release.

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